You have to figure out what film you are in and play the role - Kunst im Kino International


“You have to figure out what film you are in and play the role“

Art Exhibition and  Event.

Friday 28th February 2014, 9pm – late. 

11pm Video Screening in the Movie Theatre -

Julian Rosefeldt, Lonely Planet, 2006, 16 min 18 sec loop

Kino International is a landmark building and cinema on the Karl-Marx-Allee, which is now devoting its attention towards visual art. KIK (Kino – International – Kunst) will organise five art exhibitions a year at the venue on a non-profit basis. The uniqueness of KIK is the world-class quality of the movie theatre, which will be used for each exhibition as a screening point and focus for an artist’s video. Later on in the evening there will be a party with DJ’s. KIK directors, Christopher Winter and Peter Wilde will also invite 3 guest curators each year to create shows for the space.

The first Exhibition KIK-ONE has as a subtitle “You have to figure out what film you are in and play the role“ We wanted to create a more open context for the first exhibition and not position the show so tightly to a single theme preferring to use this sentence as a starting point. Sixteen international artists who live in Berlin or are represented by galleries from Berlin have been invited to exhibit. We are very proud to present Julian Rosefeldt’s video Lonely Planet in the main movie theatre - a single man walks out into India, but gradually the lines between fact and fiction, film-making and reality blur. Assume Vivid Astro Focus hope to make a 3D-video-Mapping on the outside of the building, which will turn it into a huge Light Sculpture. Römer + Römer will show their mesmerising large format paintings and Despina Stockou her text based canvases. Thorsten Brinkmann will exhibit his role-playing photos that use everyday trash to transform a person into a heroic portrait. Other artists include Amir Fatal, Jeremy Shaw, Natascha Stellmach, Boris Eldagsen, Folke Köbberling, Deborah Wargon, R M Vaughan and Gods Dogs.

Not only will the movie theatre, foyer and panorama bar be used but also spaces in the building beyond usual public access where there are possibilities to exhibit visual, installation and performance art. The exhibition openings will take place as an event on a Friday night in the spirit of the former Tape Modern.

After the first exhibition KIK-ONE, opening on 28th February 2014, our first guest curator will be Anna Erickson from Hauser & Wirth, New York. Her exhibition KIK-TWO will open on Friday 2nd May for the Berlin Gallery Weekend. Our aim is to showcase a very high quality of work from both emerging and established artists who are exhibiting and/or living in Berlin.

Peter Wilde and Christopher Winter

Directors of KIK