Personal Structures / Crossing Borders

The Global Art Affairs Foundation
Riva del Carbon 4793,
30124 Venice

What are the basic causes of terrorism, disputes, environmental threats, identity crisis, and the social
issues of the underprivileged that are flooding the mass media on a daily basis? The reason may lie in the
logic of force and the trauma brought on by the system's violence. Modern society is like a runaway train,
carrying individual, communal, and societal trauma, ready to derail at any moment from its system of
Trauma stricken individuals and communities have sought two kinds of relief: (1) resistance to the
system, and (2) the duplication and reproduction of images. Consequently, we find ourselves caught in our
own trap – a system created by an absence or a lack of desire. We have become wanderers bereft of truth,
surrounded by light that project a myriad of mirages manifested by our constant endeavor to comfort the
inner self.
Indeed, will protesting in droves against the system relieve the symptoms of our trauma?
We arrive at the conclusion that in order to completely rid ourselves of anxiety and the sting of trauma,
our self must be put to death; however, we feel powerless in the face of a trauma.
What is needed for humans who wander around the surroundings, unable to endure the hardships of
It is the truth.
Truth gives us the power to confront.
This is the artist’s journey into wholeness, free from the false light of illusion so deeply embedded in our
human experience.


05/05/2015 to 11/22/2015