56th International Art Exhibition Venice Bienniale / La Biennale di Venezia,Venice

Länderpavillon Mauritius
Palazzo Flangini
Cannaregio Calle Flangini 252
30121 Venedig

Knowledge and preoccupation with the Self, as a basis for inner freedom, are present throughout the entire work of Helge Leiberg until this day. The idea to express the idea of ​​freedom, the exploration of personal identity and the interaction of man and woman with a sweeping figure corresponds in Leiberg’s work with his intensive study and collaboration with dancers and musicians. The bending, turning, twisting and contorting of the body, but also an exaggeration of the long limbs seem to hold a high degree of development potential for the Inner Freedom for the artist.

The Berlin based artist duo RÖMER + RÖMER has been demanding a great deal of attention for years now with their cooperatively achieved paintings, which are primarily devoted toward the portrayal of young people and their activities within urban, political settings. The two artists focus on observing and depicting scenes that have been manifested outside of the general consciousness. Their paintings capture fleeting moments on the fringes of demonstrations, parades and concerts; musicians performing in clubs and their audiences; flea market vistas; and snack bars and parks whose lawns are populated by young people barbecuing and otherwise amusing themselves. Nina and Torsten Römer direct their attention equally toward confrontations, joyfully energetic togetherness and quiet leisure. Their pictures, which—due to the fragmentary nature and spontaneous attitude of the pictorial narrative—often recall the immediacy of film stills, deal with the sensitivities and emotional perceptions of the couple’s own generation, whereby it is no accident that the individual is often found to have merged with the crowd.
05/05/2015 to 11/22/2015